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How to Title Trust Property

Wyoming law sets out how to transfer property to your trust in W.S. 4-10-402, Title of trust property.  

When you set up your trust, you should simultaneously transfer the property you wish to be in the trust.  Property transferred to a trust shall be titled if it is real property in accordance with W.S. 34-2-122.  

Here i the requirement for transfer of real property: 

In all instruments conveying real estate or interests in real estate in which the grantee is described as trustee, agent or or other representative, the instrument of conveyance shall also define the trust and shall be deemed to have vested title in the trustee of the trust.  

It shall be sufficient to define a trust by providing in the text of the deed the name of the trustee or trustees and the name of the trust and the date of the trust.  

Trust property in the name of the trustee and owned only in that capacity shall not be subject to execution for the grantee's individual obligations.  

For more on trusts, see Trusts on this site.  

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