Gayla Austin is here to help you determine how to go forward with your planning or real property issue and help you get to a great resolution! I would be happy to talk to you about your case. 

If you have a real property, trust, business or probate issue that you are not sure how to resolve, or if you have an issue that you know should be resolved,  you might be uncertain how that can be done in Wyoming.  You might have a boundary or easement issue, or you might have questions about selling your home yourself. You might have an issue with a landlord.  Or, as a tenant, you might need to know how to terminate a lease or pursue issues with the property you live in.   Don't worry!  As a real property attorney, I will be pleased to meet with you, review your documents and determine a resolution plan to get your issue resolved.  

You might have questions about whether you need to change or repurpose your trust, or you might have a question about whether your trust is being administered properly.  You might have questions about your beneficiary designations, or whether you have transferred your property into your trust.  

If you own real property with someone who has passed away, you might need to convey the property, and you might be uncertain which conveyance vehicle is the proper way to transfer the property.  Or, you might have mineral interests you need to convey.  

I have years of experience helping people with their real property issues, including working with title companies, the tax assessor, recording offices, landlords, tenants and property managers.  While you concentrate on your work and maintaining your assets, I will negotiate with the tenant or property manager or other professionals involved in real property. 

If you have real property as an investment, I will give you the information you need to determine how to protect your real property asset and how to blend that protection into your estate plan and financing planning.  Even if you have one property, you should consider the ways to protect that real property together with your will or trust plan. 

It is easy to schedule an appointment with me in Cheyenne or in other parts of Wyoming.  Contact me today to schedule an appointment.  Your initial consultation is free.  Just call today at 307.200.1914 and I will help you navigate your real property question!