Don't go breaking that warranty . . . . . .

Right from the start . . . don't go breaking that warranty you got when you bought your property.  

Estate planning often involves a number of real estate conveying or cleaning up of title issues arising from prior conveyances.  Other real estate items may be a property owners association, deeds of trust, trust and leases.  

When you purchased your property, and if you closed at a title company, you most probably received a title policy and a warranty deed.  

A "warranty" is a guarantee, and what the deed is "guaranteeing" to you is: 

  • that seller had good title and right and full power to convey the property;
  • that the property described in the deed is free and clear from all encumbrances, except as stated in the deed;
  • that the grantor warrants to the grantee and the grantee's heirs and assigns the quite and peaceable possession of the property

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