Wyoming Unclaimed Property--How to Make Sure ALL of Your Accounts and Property Transfer as You Intended

Posted by Gayla K. AustinJul 09, 20220 Comments

The Wyoming State Treasurer's office is still holding $98 million owed to State residents.  If you wish to see if you are owed any of the properties held by the state, you can search  

Unclaimed property is turned over when a business, bank, or agency owes or is holding money to someone and for whatever reason cannot locate the owner.  Often, this is because the owner of the account or property has passed away.  The property is turned over to the state if the owner cannot be located.  Wyoming law requires the state to hold unclaimed property in perpetuity until it is claimed by the rightful owner.  Sometimes, the rightful owner is a beneficiary.

There is a way to make sure your property is not in the "unclaimed" office of the state of Wyoming.  

For accounts, make sure ALL of your accounts--bank accounts, investment account, retirement accounts, life insurance policies--have the correct beneficiary designation. 

Please call me if you would like assistance with proper property designation.  

For other property that may be in a safe deposit box, make sure your estate plan includes a Memo that designates where your property is or is held and who the beneficiary is.  I would be happy to assist you with this.  Please call for a free consultation:  307.200.1914.