Insurance Coverage for Real Property Subject to Transfer on Death Deeds - 2023 Wyoming Legislature

Posted by Gayla K. AustinSep 21, 20230 Comments

Transfer on Death Deed: 

The 2023 Wyoming legislature enacted legislation providing for transfers of title to an interest in real property after the death of the owner by a transfer on death deed on and after July 1, 2023 any insurance coverage on the property transferred shall be extended to cover losses to the property as if the grantee designated in the transfer was a named insured. 

Continued Insurance Coverage: 

This legislation addresses the all too often problem that when the owner of a real property passes away, the insurance company often cancels the insurance, and often does that without notice.  And so too many times weeks later you receive a letter or bill stating that the insurance has expired which means the probate house has been sitting there without insurance. 

Notice to Insurance Company:  

The extension of insurance coverage to a grantee under a transfer on death deed shall continue for sixty (60) days after the transfer of title.  You must notify the insurance company of a transfer of title.  

W.S. 2-18-103 Transfer on Death Deed (o) provides "Title to the interest in real property by a transfer on death deed shall vest in the designated grantee only on the death of the owner". 

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